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Garage door spring – the thing that balances the entire weight of a garage door. This is the reason why even the slightest misalignment in the case of garage door spring can have an adverse effect on the normal functioning of a garage door. So, if you notice any kind of issue in your garage door spring, you can always give us a call. Another point that deserves your attention as far as the fixing of garage door components is concerned is that a dysfunctional garage door can lead to serious accidents and injuries. This is why you need to be highly cautious as soon as you detect any fault in the working of your garage door springs.

We have a technical team of experts, which deal in all kinds of garage door brands and can fix all types of garage door issues. Plus, we also offer garage door springs lifetime warranty and ensure that are services are of the most superior quality. Second, trying to resolve garage door issues yourself via DIY methods should be a big no-no! Fixing garage door spring on your own can further lead to more damages and misalignments in your machine. The heavy duty spring for garage door balances the mass of a heavy garage door and it can break at force when it is lop-sided.

Our professionals also take all the safety precautions very seriously and it is just impossible for them to forget about these precautions when they are trying to fix a garage door spring, whatever be its brand. Our team will reach your premises with a van stocked with all the spare parts that might be needed in an assignment. So, be it a broken torsion spring or a broken extension spring, our experts can fix all types of misalignment issues. Additionally, the best part is we offer these services at completely reasonable prices.

We have successfully repaired garage door springs that belonged to different brands and were of different makes and models. Our group of pros is all certified, qualified and well-trained to fix the problems that occur on account of malfunctioning garage door springs. If the springs are irreparable or too old, our experts will also help you out with their replacement. They will help you choose the most suitable and the most inexpensive option depending on your needs and preferences. After the overall review and inspection, they will figure out the garage door spring that will be best for your garage door.

You can simply rely on us when you face any kind of a garage door problem even if it is an odd hour of the day. In the case of emergencies, we are always available. As faulty garage door springs is one of the most commonly found glitches in garage doors, our experts are ready to fix them round the clock. We have years of valuable experience in fixing garage door springs; so our technical team won’t find it much of a challenge to repair another one. Our comprehensive garage door springs warranty is a testimony to the fact that we are highly confident of the quality that we deliver. “What to do if garage door springs breaks?” Whenever such a question pops up in your mind, just speak to our executive and we will process your service request.

First-Rate Garage Door Experts Available Locally

Garage Door Repair Oceanside employs highly trained, experienced, certified and skilled garage door professionals. They can fix your garage door spring issues at any time of the day and year and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. Our top-notch products and services are offered at such affordable prices that you will definitely recommend us to your family and friends. You can stay calm if you are looking for torsion spring replacement, extension spring replacement or any other service as we are here to help you out! You need not worry of the exorbitant garage door repair charges and just relax as we can really provide you with some inexpensive options. We will help you form a new opinion about the garage door industry with our philosophy of 100% customer satisfaction.

Our experts are adept in torsion spring replacement for garage door and if you think that you will be charged too much, you are mistaken. You will be surprised to know we perform garage door springs replacement without taking much time. Yes, you can believe in our services as we will not only allow you to save money, but also your precious time.

Emergency Services by Our Garage Door Technicians

24/7/365 – yes, this is how we work. We work the entire year, even on weekends, public holidays and at odd hours. Whatever time it is, be it the middle of the night or early morning, you just need to share your garage door spring problem through a call or a mail. Our technicians will be at your disposal fast to repair your malfunctioning garage door spring or any other garage door part. We believe in same-day service and so we stand out in the crowd.

If you want to get a fair idea about the garage door torsion spring repair cost, do not worry anymore. We even give free estimates to our clients. Plus, we don’t charge anything extra for emergency services like our other counterparts. Our professionals do not leave any stone unturned to make sure that your garage door components are restored to their optimal state. They draw from their experience in offering garage door torsion spring-related services to keep raising their standards. First, they spend some time to identify the exact nature of a garage door problem and then solve it through the most cost-effective solutions.

To sum up, we are a one-stop solution for almost all kinds of garage door problems.

Committed To Offer 100% Customer Satisfaction

Our skilled professionals have developed a habit of offering services wherein 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed. For booking an appointment, you can always choose a time that is convenient to you, unless it is an emergency situation.

Before we start from our office, we make sure that we call you and let you know how much time we would take to reach your premises. We give you enough time to prepare yourself for our visit and then discuss your garage door woes in detail. Our technicians try their fullest to fix a garage door spring without replacing it with some cheaper one. Another point that our experts remain concerned about is the condition in which they leave your house. In simpler words, they ensure that they clean up all the debris from your garage area before they leave your place. Whenever you encounter some serious problem in your garage door, look no further than Garage Door Repair Oceanside.

Note: We DO NOT sell garage door parts. We provide industry leading service and repair work with the highest quality products available in the market. This is also why we provide 30 day labor warranties and LIFETIME warranties on most everything we provide to our customers. We do not recommend that homeowners perform garage door repair work on their own as it can, and has, caused serious injury and death.

Part No.Description
ES000580 lbs Gold Extension Spring
ES001090 lbs light Blue Extension Spring
ES0015100 lbs tan Extension Spring
ES0020110 lbs white Extension Spring
ES0025120 lbs Green Extension Spring
ES0030130 lbs Yellow Extension Spring
ES0035140 lbs Dk Blue Extension Spring
ES0040150 lbs Red Extension Spring
ES00503inch Pulley / Sheave
ES00554inch Pulley / Sheave
DS0005E-900 One Piece Kit
DS0010P328 One Piece Door Spring
DS0015P528 One Piece Door Spring
DS0020P728 One Piece Door Spring
DS0025P928 One Piece Door Spring
TS0005192x2x20 Orange/Red Torsion Spring
TS0010192x2x20 Orange/Black Torsion Spring
TS0015207x2x24 Yellow/Red Torsion Spring
TS0020207x2x24 Yellow/Black Torsion Spring
TS0025218x2x24.5 White/Red Torsion Spring
TS0030218x2x24.5 White/Black Torsion Spring
TS0035225x2x27 Red/Red Torsion Spring
TS0040225x2x24.5 Red/Black Torsion Spring
TS0045234x2x27.75 Brown/Red Torsion Spring
TS0050234x2x27.75 Brown/Black Torsion Spring
TS0055243x2x30.5 Green/Red Torsion Spring
TS0060243x2x30.5 Green/Black Torsion Spring
TS0065250x2x32 Gold/Red Torsion Spring
TS0070250x2x32 Gold/Black Torsion Spring
TS0075262x2x35.5 Blue/Red Torsion Spring
TS0080262x2x35.5 Blue/Black Torsion Spring
TS0085273x2x35.5 Orange/Red Torsion Spring
TS0090273x2x35.25 Orange/Black Torsion Spring
TS0105192x2x20 Orange/Red Torsion Spring
TS0110192x2x20 Orange/Black Torsion Spring
TS0185273x2x35.5 Orange/Red Torsion Spring NO5
TS0190273x2x35.25 Orange/Black Torsion Spring NO5
TS0095283x2x38 LT Blue/Red Torsion Spring
TS0100283x2x38 LT Blue/Black Torsion Spring